Life hasn't exactly worked out like you had planned.

You have gone through some hard stuff, whether that be trauma, divorce, bad relationships, or have struggled with your body, how you eat, drink and think. You're tired, you feel lost, you’re out of shape, addicted to old patterns and you are ready to rediscover that spark that has disappeared over the years. Ultimately, you're hopeful for something more than what you’re currently living.

I see you, I hear you and I am here to tell you that it's time to love and nourish your body, create, and flow with inspiration. Let's ignite the unique energy of your creative spirit.

It is time to find the Art of your Flow.


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Through yoga, art, or cuisine I help you discover your best flow for wellness.  Movement, expression and nourishment are key to allowing the beauty of who you are to shine!


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I write about what moves me, what helps me and what I experience.  Writing connects me to a vulnerability that allows prompting and encouragement from the core of who I am. 


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I paint either delicately with layers of thin application for a silky surface or boldly with lots of paint which can be dug into with the base of the brush for a rough and gritty texture. 


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