What do you get working with me?

I offer three different services. You can mix and match based on your needs.


Are you feeling distance from who you want to be? Do you want more strength and tone in your body? Want to heal from injuries?    

Yoga is a powerful modality connecting breath to movement. It is an art of creating deep, internal self awareness bringing you closer to what you are deeply craving in this life.

You can feel better, look better, do better!

If you choose "Yoga" as part of your Flow-Art Services package, I will provide:

  • Yoga instruction with calculated themes based on your personal growth journey and the experiences you want to be cultivating.

  • Private and small group yoga sessions

  • Corporate team building

  • Retreats/destination yoga

  • Family yoga

  • Holy Yoga worship

  • Yoga parties

  • Injury rehab


Are you feeling exhausted? Do you wish for more energy in the day? Do you want to lose weight? Are you struggling with how to fuel yourself on a daily basis?

Our hormones play a key part in our energy throughout the day. Fueling yourself properly with wholesome food is a crucial piece in regulating our hormonal imbalances.

It is time to celebrate food and shift into the art of eating!

If you choose Food as part of your Flow-Art Services package, I will provide:

  • Shopping Assistance: Too busy to shop for good ingredients? Let me shop for your weekly meals based on your nutritional needs.

  • Meal Prep: I can prepare delicious meals for the week or for a special event. I will teach you how to cook well and embrace extraordinary food that nourishes and satisfies.  

  • Garden Design: Interested in growing your own wholesome foods? I provide the how-to on building out your own dream garden.


Do you love art? Are you dying to create but don't know where to start? Do your kids need more art in their lives? Do they love it but don’t get enough from their schools?

Art creation digs into that risky place that is dying to express ourselves - the part of us that we tend to block or allow others to block throughout our lives.  

It is time to open up your creativity, to start expressing yourself again!

If you choose "Art" as part of your Flow-Art Services package, I will provide:

  • Painting in acrylic instruction. During our time together, I will help you unlock expression through creating beauty worthy of hanging in your own home or as a gift to a loved one.

  • Private art lessons for children and/or adults

  • Painting parties

  • Children's art parties

Share the Experience with your friends! I would love to provide you with an event for you and your besties!  A fun yoga practice for all, a group painting lesson and a sumptuous, healthy meal to end the party or to get it started! Any or all of the above are available.

Schedule a fabulous Flow-Art experience to share and remember!

Building Your Custom Package

Once you decide your dream package design, we will set location, best days/times to meet, and final cost. Each hour will be billed at $75 an hour ( + material cost for art).

Are You Ready To Start Living Your Next Chapter??

I am so excited to begin working with you! Set up your first Flow-Art experience by clicking below.